The uniqueness of the coveralls is not only in properly fitting a women's figure, but in addressing toilet challenges with a "drop-seat" incorporated in the design.

Five basic sizes to simplify purchasing. (X-S, S, M, L, X-L)

Decorative trim in contrasting colours to add feminine stylish touch or for size identification.

Velcro or metal fasteners to adjust:
- sleeve cuff width
- waistband
- pants bottom (width or length)

Concealed drop seat to save time and aggravation when using washroom facilities.
Concealed breast pockets to eliminate bulky appearance.

The design fits the female body well, without sacrificing the maximum freedom of movement and safety.

Maternity coveralls available by special request.

Winterized coveralls are worn over work clothes. They are available in heavy poly/cotton twill or 100% cotton, insulated with quilted polyester Fiberfil with detachable insulated hood. They are in one colour with surface breast pockets (zippered or Velcro) instead of the concealed pockets used in non-winterized versions.